Workshop description

Clown Menü II

Advanced course

If you attended at least one weekend course and got to know your clown a little bit, this workshop is for you. We are looking for answers to questions such as:  What temperament does my clown have? What kind of problems does he or she have? Which activities and what kind of clothes would be good for him or her?  You will also get some practice with the basic principles that apply to both improvisation and prepared numbers: intensifying intentions, creating surprises, remaining authentic, developing a rhythm, keeping the contact with the audience.

Programm: Relaxation, exercices about the rhythm and contact with public/others. Working on your own clown and eventually on a short number.

Length: 12 h

Times and location: ETI (Rungerstr. 20, Berlin Mitte) , Friday 19-22, Saturday 11-17 (with 1 hour break), Sunday 11-15

Price: 170 €/ 150 € for students, unemployed and retired people



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